Frictionless access and appreciation of nature, places and cities

Visit, enjoy, and contribute

  • No more filling forms or registering
  • Always flexible with the most cost effective option
  • Easy to connect and give to caretakers of places
  • About Placomatic

    User Benefits

    Placomatic is an app that lets users get frictionless access to places and activities in nature and in cities while making sure they can lawfully recreate. Placomatic furthermore allows users to appreciate the care takers of these places.

    • Fits individuals, families and organizations
    • Always finds the most cost effective way to recreate
    • Flexible payments
    • Applicable to many activities: parking, hiking, boating, hunting and special events
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    Places owners and caretakers

    You can optimally monetize places you own for activities like passing through, hiking, biking, parking and boating applying a flexible business model, including recieving donation to appreciate your care

    • Get monthly installments for usage
    • Full analytics for type and duration of usage
    • Allow, one time, subscription, group subscription and donations
    • Simple auditing interface to help with enforcement
    Register your place today and start earning